The Firm

Established in the Romanian legal market, IACOB Law Office and IACOB Insolvency Office provide independent and professional legal services through qualified professionals with recognized credentials in good standing as practicing lawyers in Bucharest.

Our team is formed of dedicated lawyers with proven experience and knowledge, and it is supplemented by other lawyers when required.

The Managing Partner of the firm is Mr. Bogdan Iacob, a former partner in one of the top-ten law firms in Romania, with outstanding experience in commercial law, tax law, insolvency and bankruptcy, as well as in all kind of litigation matters (commercial, civil, fiscal or criminal litigation).

We are passionate and committed about our work and strive to provide outstanding client service, and we consequently take on challenges and pride ourselves on our tenacity and teamwork to produce successful outcomes for our clients.

Our lawyers have expertise both in consultancy and litigation matters, currently assisting Romanian legal entities (companies and associations), as well as individuals.

We aim to help our clients to implement their strategies and to achieve their objectives, our experience being built on a deep knowledge of the Romanian legal system and jurisprudence, including cases, customary practice of public institutions and interpretation of regulations.

Moreover, our lawyers have a global view and a valuable knowledge of the European legal enactments and jurisprudence. In this respect, we are always keeping up with the changes in the local and European laws, and we are keeping track of the thinking and behaviour of the local and European authorities and courts of justice.

We can provide enhanced expertise as the Managing Partner holds a professorship at the Faculty of Law of the Bucharest University, which enables him to flawlessly combine practice and theory.

Our firm is frequently asked for legal advice on business and legal matters involving a wide range of issues and a multi-disciplinary approach, and with us our clients will always find a complete legal solution to all their requirements.

In this respect, our professionals provide clients legal opinions and advice on any kind of legal matter. That’s why we are going step by step to the final purpose, by investigation, legal research, writing and preparation of legal memoranda. Of course, we perform any other activities as specifically instructed by the client. On the other hand, the firm offers a well-rounded and comprehensive dispute resolution practice, with national coverage, by representing clients before any administrative boards, trial and appellate courts. Our relevant experience in large scale and complex litigation achieved year by year and case by case by our lawyers strongly recommends us to be taken into consideration as your legal professionals.