Litigation and administrative procedures

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Litigation and administrative procedures

Iacob Law Office attorneys represent clients at all levels of the local judicial system, from the courts of first instance to the High Court of Justice, as well as in special proceedings in front of the Constitutional Court. Our experience covers the following:

Administrative Litigation

Assessment of the extent to which various documents comply with administrative law requirements; assessment of default of relevant bodies in their conduct towards the client, such as refusal to issue permits, authorizations, approvals, etc., delay in issuance, lack of answer; drafting and submitting judicial documents, assisting and representing clients in all procedural phases, including the preliminary challenge to the relevant administrative body (the so-called administrative recourse).


A team of insolvency practitioners can provide, upon request, liquidation and judicial administration services in case of voluntary or judicial liquidation. In this respect, we assist and represent clients, both creditors and debtors, in insolvency proceedings. On the other hand, we identify settlement opportunities and ensure the benefit of privileged or secured debts in case of threatened bankruptcy. Moreover, we provide restructuring strategies and contribute to the drafting of reorganization plans, advising on the legal feasibility of reorganization plans proposed by either debtors or creditors.

Taxation / Administrative Litigation

We are currently handling tax-based litigation at all levels and with regard to a full range of taxes, duties and contributions of any kind to the State or local budgets.

Corporate Disputes

Our Law Office provides consultancy with respect to the assessment of compliance of various corporate decisions and/or conduct of corporate collegial bodies or representatives, identifying the best courses of action. We assist in amicable settlements of disputes, advising and representing clients in all procedural phases related to corporate disputes or judicial settlements, including shareholders and securities litigation, cancellations of corporate resolutions, oppositions to corporate resolutions by corporate creditors and interested third parties. Furthermore, we assist in the application for cancellation of registrations made with the trade registry, the protection of majority or minority shareholders’ rights, etc.

Commercial Litigation

We assist and represent clients in all procedural phases, including required preliminary conciliation, in every industry and all areas of commercial interest, in matters stemming from commercial agreements, insurance agreements, lender liability and banking-related issues, acquisition-related issues, energy, construction industry liability, shipping (sale-purchase agreements, mortgages, liens, etc.), product liability, privatization procedures and privatization agreements, construction and real estate.

Enforcement procedures

We apply for tailored pre-judgment measures ensuring enforcement, and we assist and represent clients during enforcement procedures.

Real Estate Litigation

Our lawyers have extensive experience in dispute resolution and in managing complex trials involving disputes over rights in real property (ownership right, right of use, easements).

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